Horse Boarding in Woodinville, Washington

Breathe easier knowing that your horse is in good hands at the Gold Creek Equestrian Center. We offer full-care horse boarding with group, daily, and overnight turnout available. Our staff works in 3-hour shifts and the barn is monitored 24-hours a day for your horse's safety and your total peace of mind.

Our stalls vary in size (11' x 11.5', 12' x 12', and 9' x 18') and feature large windows and skylights, making them exceptionally horse friendly. All stalls are matted, cleaned, and picked daily. Horses are fed 3 times a day. Feed includes Timothy and Alfalfa hay, as well as 3 types of grain to accommodate any horse's dietary needs. You may provide us with additional supplements at no additional fee.
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Horses for Lease
As a full-service equestrian center, we lease horses to students currently enrolled in out weekly training programs. Students may lease a horse for a 2 hour block of time (vigorous riding is only allowed for 1 hour of that block).

Trail rides are allowed if the leasee is over the age of 18. Younger riders may only trail ride with an adult rider present. Leases on school horses are subject to Gold Creek Equestrian Center approval.

See our Gold Creek Lease Brochure for rates and further information.

Clean Horse Stalls - Horse Boarding in Woodinville, WA
Clean Horse Barn - Horse Boarding in Woodinville, WA

Contact us in Woodinville, Washington, for pricing and additional information regarding our horse boarding services.