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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clothing and shoes should I wear to ride?


We are flexible on specific materials and styles, but we do have some basic requirements:

  • Long pants such as loose jeans or “yoga” style pants are recommended. We also recommend you dress in layers as you can get quite warm while riding.

  • Boots are required. You will need to wear some sort of a boot with a short heel and a hard sole. Tennis shoes (sneakers) and any open toed shoes are not allowed near the horses.

  • Helmets are required. You may wear a bicycle, ski or snowboard helmet. Gold Creek also has a number of riding helmets which are available to borrow at no cost.

  • Gloves are optional, but encouraged in the winter months.

In which riding disciplines do you offer instruction?


We have instructors skilled in most disciplines. Please contact us for more information on training in any of the following:

  • Dressage

  • Western

  • Hunt seat (English)

  • Show training/skills

  • Trail riding

What do the beginner riding lessons consist of?


Each beginner class starts with basic horsemanship (handling & working around horses). Your instructor will then teach you how to groom (brush) and tack up (saddle & bridle) a horse. The riding portion of the lesson consists of basic skills such as walking, stopping and turning the horse. As riders progress they will learn to trot, post and eventually canter their horses. As with learning any new hobby we all learn at a different pace so we cannot give a time line as to when you will be reaching each of these stages. Know that the more frequently and consistently you ride the better your skills will be and the faster you will progress.

How often can or should I ride?


This is totally up to you as the client. Most students ride once a week, while some who are more interested in showing and possibly owning a horse will ride two or three times a week. Some younger students or adults will only ride every other week due too financial or time constraints while some people only sign up for the occasional lesson as a treat to themselves.

As with any activity, the more frequently you ride without risking injury, the quicker you will progress.

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