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A little bit about the

Gold Creek Equestrian School

Offering school programs for children ages 3.5-6 years

Tours for 2024/25 new families:

January 24th (Weds) 1-1:50pm or 2-2:50pm


On this page, you will find information about our philosophy, activities we do with our students, and times/pricing for each academic year. In addition to learning about our program from the information below, please download and review the 2024/2025 Gold Creek Equestrian Preschool Policies (policies for 2023/2024 can be found here) and click here to schedule a tour of our facilities and/or to express interest in registration for the upcoming academic year. Still have questions or ready to register? Please contact us at

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to allow each child to become the best they can by building self-esteem and increasing language skills and social awareness. Gold Creek strives to provide inviting and stimulating activities designed for all abilities and learning styles. We accomplish this by offering 3 rotations with specialists engaging our preschoolers in a variety of challenging and fun activities. The Gold Creek Equestrian Preschool aims to foster a sense of "team," where children are encouraged to develop leadership and cooperation through:

  1. Language and social development

  2. Physical development, through horseback riding and organized fitness activities

  3. Skill development, through art/science/math activities.

  • Academia and School-Ready Knowledge
    Gold Creek follows the local school district's recommendations for skill knowledge and mastery for kindergarten readiness. We cover:

    • Math and Science
      Gold Creek presents sensory activities that help preschoolers discover mathematic concepts including: Sequencing, patterning, sorting, number recognition, and quantity. Our science activities encourage natural and physical science exploration, with a curriculum that encourages inquisitive and investigative learning with hands-on materials and live animals. Each week, our students participate in trail hikes around our 10-acre property. Children explore nature through inquisitive science (based on questioning and exploration).

    • Social and Language
      Gold Creek incorporates a social skill program into the daily routine. We teach whole body learning using all our senses and an emotional intelligence curriculum to promote social and emotional development. While building vocabulary and developing listening skills, children also learn patience, cooperation and an ability to negotiate through conflict.

    • Art and Creativity
      Our preschoolers experience daily activities through art. Developing small motor skills requires practice. Our “practice” is fun and engaging. Each day our preschoolers create through painting, drawing, cutting and gluing with a multitude of mediums, textures and colors.

  • ​Health and Fitness
    Gold Creek has an indoor and an outdoor playground with an array of gymnastics equipment to exert energy and grow healthy preschoolers. Our fitness program includes a cardio warm up to develop locomotor skills. Fitness time includes balancing and agility activities and a portion of each class focuses on acrobatics; rolls, wheels & stands. We end our class with an obstacle course to challenge all levels of physical abilities.

  • Equine Education and Pony Rides
    Gold Creek is located on 10 acres with 3 arenas and 50 horses. It’s a perfect location for children to learn about horses and have the opportunity to ride them. Each week Gold Creek students participate in an equine lesson and ride on one of our ponies. Children will become comfortable around the horses and learn about caring for horses in one of our barns or covered arenas.

Times and Pricing

Gold Creek offers programs for children ages 3.5-6 years. We offer classes on the following days/times from September-June. Tuition is based on 10 monthly payments.

  • 9:00-12:00pm M-Th $825/month

  • 9:00-3:00pm T/Th $825/month

  • 9:00-12:00pm T/Th $475/month

  • 9:00-12:00pm MW $475/month

Gold Creek School Contact Info


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