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Meet the Staff at Gold Creek Equestrian

Owners: Patti and Gael Gable

This goal-driven dynamic duo works tirelessly to make Gold Creek the best it can be.


Our diverse selection of trainers provide upper-level instruction for more experienced riders.

Barn Staff: Eric, Karen, and Ramon

Our hard-working, quality-driven barn staff ensure our horses and customers are happy and cared for. In addition, Karen serves as the volunteer coordinator for Gold Creek. She helps keep the barn running by cleaning stalls as well as bathing and grooming horses. You'll find her, Eric, and Ramon at the barn pretty much every day. 


Instructors: Brittney, Bryan, Christy, Isabel, Kirann, Parker, and Tessa

Our seasoned instructors provide a comprehensive beginner's riding experience to all students.


Brittney joined the Gold Creek team in 2017 as a volunteer and began instructing in 2018. She is an avid dressage student herself, and loves helping her students develop relationships with their horses as their foundation to riding. She hopes to create a positive learning experience and build confidence for both horse and rider by teaching fairness and respect in all aspects of riding. 

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